Our System At Work

Overall CRM System

Our state of the art CRM system consists of numerous "Stages" within every pipeline. These stages are fully customizable for every aspect of the hiring prospect such as; new lead, booked appointment missed appointment, follow up, pre-hire process, hired agent and so many more options. Each and every contact within the pipeline can be moved from stage to stage effortlessly.

We also implement automation to move contacts automatically throughout the pipeline as well such as when someone books an appointment our automation moves them to the "Booked Appointment" section so you don't have to.

As you can see in the video we also implement automation on every contact that tags them in the system with what we call contact tags. Our contact tags include: texted back, booked appointment, inbound call, completed survey, visited website and many more! We offer these so that you can see exactly how interactive each contact has been within your hiring system to get a better idea of how interested they are in the opportunity.

Interacting with Leads Once In The System

Within the AMG system we want to make it easy on you as the business owner. In order to do that we offer the ability to interact with your leads right from the system. We allow all user to not only respond to inbound texts and questions. We believe in spending your time in a better way than trying to keep track of the countless conversations going on daily. Let us handle that so you can focus on hiring the best people possible for the position.

Custom Hiring Surveys

The First Step To Greatness

As soon as every lead enters your system we have them fill out a "Pre-Hire" survey so you can get more information about your leads. These surveys are completely customizable with any question you would like to add. We also implement TCPA compliance within these surveys as well. We do this so all the contacts in your CRM system have agreed to be contacted via text or phone calls about the position. If the contact does not agree to be texted or receive phone calls they are disqualified and removed from your portal so you don't have to worry about any future legal battles or anything of that nature.

At AMG we offer a worry free environment for present and future leads, meaning as laws change we ensure your account is 100% compliant for any new laws that may come up.

Text & Trigger Automation

Within the CRM we provide two types of automation to all your leads: Text Campaigns & Trigger Automations

Trigger Automation consist of the If/Then statements throughout the portal that are created based on events within the system. For instance if someone booked an appointment their contact would be automatically moved from the New Survey Stage to the Booked Appointment stage within the portal. These are the same triggers we use to alert you of new leads and appointments as well.

Text Campaigns consist of multiple drip campaigns fired in pre-determined increments such as 2 hours, 1 day, 15 minutes etc. These campaigns all piggy back off of each other and make the users work their way through the hiring system.

For example if a lead had filled out the pre-hire survey but didn't visit your website after doing so there would a be a text that was sent to them reminding them to visit the website, Once they did visit the website and booked an appointment there would be a new campaign triggered that reminded them of there appointment and the website campaign would end.

Custom Calendars & Booking Settings

At AMG we offer a custom calendar integration that allows each user to setup times and availability based on their schedule. We believe that the job is not just a 9-5, it could be an 8-1 and then 3-7 or maybe you like to have Fridays off for hitting the golf course or grabbing lunch with your friends. Whatever it is we've got you covered. We allow our users to setup their preferred time zone, scheduling times and interview durations right from within the CRM we provide.

Once the leads start coming into your system they can only see those times you make available. Also our calendar can be integrated into numerous calendar apps such as Google, Calendly, Yahoo and many more. So if something comes up throughout the day, you can always block off the time in your calendar on your phone or tablet and it won't allow anybody else to book that time frame.

We want you to have the perfect work life balance and with our custom calendar setting you can now achieve all the personal time and work time desired. We want you to focus on work only when it is work time and get a chance to focus on hobbies, family and personal interests the rest of the time.

Website Design & Custom Domains

Below are a few examples of website we have built for clients. Not only do we build the websites but we also provide you with a

custom bought .info domains to host your websites. You don't have to worry about the yearly renewal we take of renewing all the custom domains we purchase for all our clients. We also give you access to view and make edits to your website before they even go live to your leads. The first step in getting quality leads is showing them a quality website. At AMG we don't skip any corners when it comes to the design aspect of the website. We believe first impressions mean everything so why not WOW them from the start.

BONUS: We are now offering FREE SEO optimization on all websites. Let us handle the pain staking task of optimizing

and positioning your website so that you don't have to.

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